Dove vado a prendere l’aperitivo in queste giornate calde a Milano in un posto piacevole , possibilmente vista tramonto e senza svenarmi?

Consiglio il Langosteria Fish Bar in via Tortona 27. Not expensive e very nice. All’aperto. Un po’ più su, in tutti i sensi, Ceresio 7 con una vista straordinaria e, volendo, anche la cucina di Elio Sironi per la cena. Non male neanche il bar de Centro Svizzero in piazza Cavour.

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8 Causes of anorexia in children
1. The diet is irregular, there is no fixed eating time, the eating time is prolonged or shortened, and the normal gastrointestinal digestion law is disrupted.
2. One-sided pursuit of high nutrition, uncontrolled feeding of meat, eggs and milk will damage the stomach and cause indigestion.
3. The constant snacking, the constant mouth, and the restless stomach, lead to gastrointestinal motility and secretion disorders.
4. Drinks, ice cream, chocolate and other high-calorie foods keep blood sugar at a high level without feeling hungry.
5. The eating environment is poor, playing while eating, or teasing and reprimanding the parents while eating, so that the food center of the cerebral cortex cannot form a dominant excitement spot.
6. Parents pay too much attention to their children’s eating, which makes the children have a rebellious mentality, and then use refusal to eat as a bargaining chip for conditions.
7. Insufficient exercise, reduced metabolism, and inability to strengthen the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract.
8. Taking too much medicine or abusing health supplements will increase the burden of gastrointestinal digestion and absorption.
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